Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE)

Supporting environmentally and socially responsible winegrowing in the Northwest.

We at Urban Crush believe in doing right by the environment, our community, our children, and their children. Sustainability means applying a “win-win-win” paradigm in our business to resolve environmental, social, and economic challenges. We also believe that third-party certification of our efforts is the only way to assure compliance with uniform industry standards for sustainability. As such, Urban Crush is a participating winery in the LIVE winery certification program.

At Urban Crush, we actively manage our energy and water use, production of solid and liquid waste, chemical use, worker health and safety, packaging selections, and overall facility impacts. We work with our neighbors and community to make sure we do our part to contribute to Portland’s greater good. The Urban Crush sustainability plan ensures that our business remains a viable and responsible company well into the future.